Legal Counsel You Can Count On

Legal Counsel You Can Count On

File a lawsuit or create a will with an El Paso, TX civil attorney

Do you need trustworthy legal advice? Get in touch with Victor M. Serrano Law Firm. Our Texas attorney is known for going above and beyond for clients like you. He’ll put together an effective game plan for your legal situation, and he’ll take care any paperwork, briefings, negotiations or court appearances. You’ve come to the best law firm for any civil issue.

File or defend a lawsuit in El Paso, TX

Obtain smart legal assistance for your civil case – contact our Texas advocate today. Victor M. Serrano helps clients with:

  • Drafting wills
  • Forming trusts
  • Filing lawsuits 
  • Writing real estate contracts
  • Submitting eviction notices
  • Forming LLCs

Civil law can be complex. Work with a legal representative who knows how to simplify things for his clients. Call 915-533-3300 today to schedule a free initial consultation.